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UWC’s 18 schools and colleges deliver a challenging and transformational education. Each of our schools and colleges have a distinct character and identity. This is influenced by their locality in either urban or rural settings and each reflects cultural elements of its host community. But what makes each school or college special is the student body whose diversity makes it a unique place of learning.
UWC Costa Rica, Costa Rica

Nestled between the surrounding mountains in Santa Ana, UWC Costa Rica is the first UWC to provide a bilingual education, with subjects taught both in Spanish and English. Structured around three core themes – environment, peace and Latin America – the College’s location plays an important role. Situated in the Central Valley, the College is surrounded by an enviably well-preserved natural environment – the focus of many of its service and educational programmes - and strongly reflects the country’s commitment to peace. Service activities include working with a local children’s shelter, visiting the elderly, volunteering at the Special Olympics, and working in national parks and SOS Villages.


Housed in the historic Montezuma Castle in New Mexico, UWC-USA’s programmes emphasize community service, wilderness experience and Southwest studies. Students also study intercultural communication and mediation through the Constructive Engagement of Conflict and Global Issues programmes. They are encouraged to analyse local and global issues and identify ways they might apply these skills in their countries of origin.

Pearson College UWC, Canada

Lester B. Pearson, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and former Prime Minister of Canada, was the driving force behind the founding of Pearson College UWC. The campus is nestled in the forest on the rugged shoreline of Canada’s West Coast near Victoria. All students take a basic first aid course and expedition training. Additional activities include diving, social entrepreneurship and sustainable growth projects.

UWC Robert Bosch College, Germany

UWC Robert Bosch College is located in Freiburg, a green city famed for its university and location in the beautiful and historic Black Forest. The school is focused particularly on environmental issues and the integration of technology into sustainability, ecological development and peace. The College is committed to cultivating students’ understanding of international and cross-cultural differences, their compassion, and their sense of service.

UWC Red Cross Nordic, Norway

Located on the Western Gulf coast of Norway, UWC Red Cross Nordic is established and funded by eight Nordic countries and territories and shares its campus with the Red Cross rehabilitation centre. The college aims to promote Nordic languages and values with a particular emphasis on the parallel development of individual freedom alongside collective responsibility. The college also focuses on humanitarian care, sports and environmental issues.

UWC in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

UWC in Mostar is the first UWC with an explicit aim to contribute to the reconstruction of a post-conflict society, with its students coming from all ethnic groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as from the region and abroad. All students live, study and serve the community together making a unique example of integrated education in post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina. Here, students not only learn about and appreciate their differences, but also learn the values of tolerance and critical thinking.

UWC Maastricht, the Netherlands

UWC Maastricht admits participants from 2 to 18 years old, providing students of a wide range of ages the opportunity to gain a UWC experience. The school serves as a center for community service as well as a center for short courses. The Dutch Minister of Education expects UWC Maastricht to be a model for all other Dutch schools by sharing its passion for and expertise in service learning.

UWC Dilijan, Armenia

Founded by two Armenian entrepreneurs with the generous funding from the RVVF foundation, UWC Dilijan is located on the verge of the lush Dilijan National Park. Based upon Armenia's diverse country and troubled past, UWC Dilijan will build upon the movement’s legacy of engaging with post-conflict zones to create dialogue and a peaceful future. Students at the College will get to know the local area and community, and help to develop the latter by implementing their own ideas for long-term sustainability and development projects. They also enjoy outdoor activities such as mountain hiking, rock climbing and water activities, utilizing its natural surroundings.

UWC Atlantic College, United Kingdom

The founding college of the UWC movement, UWC Atlantic College is located in the 12th century St. Donat’s Castle in South Wales. Here, students engage in discovery and confront risk and failure in order to learn their own strengths and weaknesses. Students work together and learn to trust each other, whether in caring for the aged and disabled, in the physically demanding conditions of mountain and rock climbing, or in operating its acclaimed water rescue programme in the waters of the Bristol Channel.

UWC Adriatic, Italy

Established by the regional government in northern Italy, UWC Adriatic is located in the coastal village of Duino, Italy. The village is a meeting point for three significant European cultures – Slavic, Germanic and Latin. All students at the college study Italian and are fully involved in the daily life of the village, as the school buildings and residences are spread throughout the village. The college focuses on Central and Eastern European relations as well as science, music and Italian culture. The coastal location of the college is also the perfect environment for the college's watersports like kayaking and sailing.

UWC ISAK Japan (Karuizawa, Japan)

Founded in August 2014, UWC ISAK Japan (formerly International School of Asia, Karuizawa) is located in a beautiful resort town in Nagano Prefecture, approximately 70 minutes from Tokyo by bullet train, host of the 1998 Winter Olympics. The school offers a pre-IB program for Grade 10 students, in addition to the IBDP. The school encourage students to fully experience the greater community by enjoying the public amenities available in Karuizawa, including hiking trails, tennis courts, golf courses, ski slopes, and ice rinks. Students have the opportunity to interact with entrepreneurs, business professionals, and influencers on a regular basis. Regular excursions give students the chance to explore different aspects of Japanese culture, including tea ceremonies, castles, hot springs, temples, theater performances, wilderness areas and museums. Students are encouraged to get involved with the local community through both service and their personal interests; the college participates in local festivals as well as host community events on campus.

UWC Thailand, Thailand

Founded as Phuket International Academy in 2009 and becoming the 16th UWC worldwide, UWC Thailand now provides the IB Diploma Programme for grade 11-12 students. The campus is situated in northern Phuket and nestled at the foothills of a national park, next door to the Thanyapura Health and Lifestyle Centre with access to world-class sporting facilities. The school has a designated Early Childhood Centre, Lower and Upper Primary buildings, a Secondary School section and a Performing Arts centre. Currently, UWCT has one boarding house that can accommodate around 65 students. Plans are underway to build a second boarding house and second Secondary building to accommodate anticipated growth. UWC Thailand is founded on the fundamental principle of providing a caring, supportive and joyful environment for all members of the community so that they can grow as individuals. Even before being approved as UWC Thailand, the school was known internationally for its progressive educational approach with embedding social emotional learning and mindfulness into the curriculum.

UWC Mahindra College, India

Located on a hill overlooking the Mulla river valley, UWC Mahindra College’s prize-winning campus combines modern architecture with local materials to give the feeling of life in a small hill village. A key feature of the College’s community service programme is interaction with local communities: for example, by providing students from the local high school with a supplementary education programme using college teachers and facilities.

UWC South East Asia, Singapore

UWC South East Asia provides a challenging and holistic education for students from 4-19 years old with an emphasis on academic achievement, service to others, teamwork and leadership. Students participate in activities such as  sports, music, drama and social service. Through the school’s Global Concerns programme, students are introduced to concepts of leadership and organization and are encouraged to establish their own initiatives. Students’ efforts have resulted in the building of schools in Swaziland, Nepal and Indonesia.

Li Po Chun UWC, Hong Kong SAR

Located in the dynamic city of Hong Kong, Li Po Chun UWC offers students a holistic and experiential education. Students embark on an annual trip to discover China, gaining an unparalleled glimpse into Chinese society and culture. Students also have opportunities to serve their community in various ways, including volunteering at local schools and training as a reef-monitoring scuba diver.

UWC Changshu China, China

UWC Changshu China was founded in 2015.  Located on the banks of picturesque Kuncheng Lake in Changshu, Suzhou, the campus is designed by the famous architects and designers Mo Ping and Gerald Szeto, who have created an environmentally sustainable masterpiece with the aesthetic features of a classical Suzhou garden. UWC Changshu China aims to provide a transformational education with a focus on Chinese language and culture, social entrepreneurship, and environmental activism.  Students are actively involved in community service including volunteering at migrant worker schools, autistic centers, and providing online teaching to students in remote rural areas.

UWC East Africa, Tanzania

From 1 August 2019, UWC East Africa (UWCEA) is officially the 18th UWC school, becoming the second UWC on the African continent. UWCEA was established as International School Moshi in 1969 and later opened a second campus in Arusha in 1987. Both campuses lie in the foothills of two of the biggest mountains in Africa and serve a diverse community..

Waterford Kamhlaba UWC, Swaziland

Waterford Kamhlaba UWC was founded in 1963 in opposition to the apartheid system of education then being practised in South Africa. Its name “Kamhlaba” in the Swahili language means "the world", later becoming an official member of UWC in 1981. Its community service programme reflects the school’s values and puts an emphasis upon the impoverished communities in Swaziland, engaging in community service programmes such as building soup kitchens and houses, carrying on environmental initiatives, as well as organising sports and creative learning for orphaned and vulnerable children.

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