Shattering Glass Ceilings

Mojia Shen, a graduate from UWC-USA, is currently studying in Wellesley College. While studying at Wellesley, Mojia founded Flavory & Revive to help stay-at-home mothers sell homemade meals to young professionals and started a non-profit in China to support families who have lost their only child. Mojia also represented China at the G(irls)20 Summit.

On January 10th, as the fourth speaker of the GenEQ Se

14 January 2017
Living UWC Mission, 19 Years and Beyond

Upon the start of a new year, we are launching a new series to share reflections of faculty members of UWC Changshu China. UWC teachers are not only academic tutors but also gardeners of souls. They set personal examples and plant the seeds of UWC values deep in the minds of their students. 

In this article, KokMing Lee, from Malaysia, who is the Head of Mathematics Department, shared his UWC experience

11 January 2017
Principal's Welcome

It gives me profound pleasure to write a welcome message from the Principal’s desk! UWC Changshu China became the 15th United World College in 2015. Our first students, all 127 of them drawn from 54 nations and regions, arrived at the end of September 2015. Those pioneering students were joined by 17 faculty members and some 40 members of staff to form what rapidly became a vibrant and dynamic community. In

08 December 2016
Words from Founder

Dear Friends,

As the founder of United World College Changshu China, as the college’s first Chair and as a UWC alumnus, I’d like to welcome you to our website.  


07 December 2016
Founding Year Letter

As a student of Chinese history and culture, I feel privileged to have been a part of the founding teams of both Li Po Chun UWC of Hong Kong (LPC) and UWC Changshu China. 

01 November 2016
Founding of UWC Changshu China

The mission of UWC is to make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. 

31 October 2016
Power of Bricks

Bricks have always been very ordinary in my perspective

31 October 2016
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