Learning from Failure is the Most Valuable Lesson I Had at UWC

During the weekend of 10-11th Feb., over 50 UWC alumni travelled all the way to UWC Changshu China at their own cost, to help with the biggest selection of the year as volunteers. They helped interview 320 students from 190 secondary schools from 70 different cities and provinces.  Admission officers from UWC Japan and alumni who are members of the National Committee of Cambodia also joined. 

14 March 2018
An Undefeatable Spirit, an unforgettable Mogan Mountain Hike
On the night of 8th of December, 26 students from 26 countries and two faculties who share the same passion with Kurt Hahn embarked on a journey for a two days and two nights hiking and camping trip in Mogan Mountain at Deqing County. This has been a challenge, and probably, the one of the toughest adventure for some of us.
24 January 2018
Education is A Force

I strongly believe that if you want to change the world, you should begin with improving the quality and access of education systems globally. Providing youths with equal opportunities in the job market and improved access to affordable higher education could boost long-term development across various communities in the world. 

12 December 2017
Understanding and Respect

To me, cultural diversity is one of the most interesting values that we share at UWC. I learned that some cultures are very different and some cultures are similar to mine. I also learned that people here at UWC share an understanding and appreciation of this diversity and that we have respect for our different cultures. Understanding and respect - these two words are simple, but so strong. These two magical words

12 December 2017
UWC education: Then, Now and the Future

In this fourth issue of faculty sharing from members of UWC Changshu China, Shirla Nga Wan Sum, a graduate of Pearson College UWC in Canada, now the Head of Individuals and Societies (previously Humanities), recalls her experience as a UWC student and looks forward to a promising future of the UWC movement from a teacher's perspective. Prior to becoming a teacher, Shirla spent five yea

29 November 2017
Project Week in Jiangxi

I want to elicit and protect their curiosity for knowledge, for the world and for everything.

29 November 2017
If You Want to Make a Change, Just Do It

I want to set a goal: to make sure the next Pre-DP students will fully integrate into UWC life. No more idling away time without a clear purpose in mind. I want to improve community bonding and cohesion and build a stronger sense of responsibility next school year.

16 October 2017
Paction-transforming passion into action!
Through international education, shared experience and community service, UWC is committed to enable young people to become responsible citizens, politically and environmentally aware, committed to the ideals of peace, justice, understanding and co-operation and to the implementation of these ideals through action and personal example. 

UWC Changshu China has over 560 students of different soci

What does UWC education mean to me?

Ziqi Wei, Alumnus of UWC Changshu China (2015-2017) 

Note: Mark is the English name of the founder and Chairman of UWC Changshu China

Translated by: Chuah Yueh Qi, Member of Media Group Zhixing


10 October 2017
Commencement Speech by Co-Founder and Vice Chair of UWC Changshu China

I hope your two years at UWC Changshu China have provided you with rich opportunities to learn and grow. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing you grow into strong, open-minded, and caring young adults who are ready to take on real world challenges. Please keep your UWC spirit high in the years ahead. Go out there and make a difference!

19 September 2017
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