"Inspire Change"——Celebration of UWC Day

The 21st of September is the annual UWC day. This year, 17 UWCs in the world together celebrated this special day with the theme “Inspire Change”. Here in UWC Changshu China, all students and faculties, together with guests from the local community, attended the Formal Opening of the School this year, enjoyed the performances celebrating our annual theme of “Integration” and UWC Day theme &

27 September 2018
“Changshu Challenge” From the Eyes of a Zimbabwean Student

On September 1

18 September 2018
Learning by Doing: What I Learned from My Students

12 September 2018
Principal’s Message

I hope that your visit to our website will capture your imagination, give you an insight into this amazing place and stimulate your desire to become involved. Nothing can compare to a visit to a UWC and none more so than a visit to UWC Changshu China!

Interview | Ida Lee: It’s a UWC DNA That We Need to do What We Believe

During 2018 Selection Day, Media Group Zhi Xing students had the opportunity to interview an alumna from UWC Hong Kong, Ida Lee, who served as a volunteer. Ida shared her experience as a change maker after graduating from UWC.  She said:"I will never forget how I got my scholarship to go to UWC, and this is why I often keep going back to UWC, because if there is no LPC, no UWC, there won’t be

05 September 2018
We did it!300km Cycling Around Tai Lake in Two Days

The UWC Soaring Dragons cycling team started from very modest beginnings. 


During a random conversation, Alex Wang and I discovered that we shared a passion for cycling. from the suburbs of Shanghai, to the bamboo forests of Anji, to the waters of Qinghai Lake, and the mountains of Boulder, Colorado, Cycling was a wonderful way to see the world and ourselves.  As Kurt Hahn, founder of

Interview | Our Well Known "No Name" Band

Members of Media Group have been planning for an interview with the Band for a long time, but had always found it difficult to get all the four members in one room for a period of time. All the four band members are in the class of 2018, they are going to Yale University, Princeton University, Bowdoin College and Bucknell University respectively in the fall of 2018. We thought it was very likely that &quo

Project week in Nantai

March 25 to March 31 was the Project Week for students of the graduating class of UWC Changshu China. They went to different parts of China to engage in various projects that they arranged by themselves such as service, Chinese cultural exploration and fact finding. This forms an important part of UWC education, which embodies the education philosophy of “Learning by doing”. 



19 April 2018
Zhi Xing| SAWA - Share Art With All

In this issue, members of SAWA Zhi Xing shared how they exposed children in the local primary schools to the wonder of art, so that more children can have the opportunity to enjoy the charm of creative art.

27 March 2018
Zhi Xing|ULAB: Sparking Curiosity and Love for Science

In this issue, members of ULAB Zhi Xing shared how they exposed children in the local primary schools to the wonder of science and inspired them to be catalysts for change in the world.

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