Poetry, the Language-distorting Experimenter


Sofia is a DP1 student and a young poet. Her passion for writing started at the very young age of 11. She published 《旷云集》(Kuang Yun), her first book of collection of her bilingual poems when she was 15. Two months ago, Sofia won the “00s International Poetry Award” in the bilingual category. The judges described the elements in her poems as “sharp and original.” The

22 February 2019
A Taste of UWC -- Trial Week of Crazy Scientists Bakery
Knowing the serious aftermath that an unhealthy diet entails, I decided to use my knowledge about nutrition and exercise to help the students in our school. With such a goal in mind, I took the initiative to set up a club and named it “Crazy Scientists Bakery” with a few other students who also share my passion for food.
03 April 2017
UWC Changed My Life

I have come a long way and I could not have completed the journey alone. I especially want to thank all teachers and staff of the School. Thank you for guiding me when I was lost and confused. Your help is just like the light in the darkness, which gave me courage to keep going forward.

19 March 2017
A Strong Sense of Mission
On the sunny Lantern Festival weekend in 2017, UWC Changshu China (UWCCSC) held its second annual Selection Day at its picturesque campus. UWCCSC has been most grateful for the great support by over 40 alumni volunteers coming all the way by plane or train at their own cost. It is our pleasure to invite one of them to share with us what she has learned as a UWC volunteer.
17 February 2017
At UWC, Why Questions are More Important Than Answers?

Max Pfingsten, who comes from US and is the philosophy teacher, shared his view why at UWC, questions are more important than answers? "Answers are for followers. Questions are for leaders. UWC is here to train the leaders of tomorrow, to think from new perspectives, to analyze the ideas of others and come up with their own, original ideas, to make the big decisions and discoveries

17 January 2017
Shattering Glass Ceilings

Mojia Shen, a graduate from UWC-USA, is currently studying in Wellesley College. While studying at Wellesley, Mojia founded Flavory & Revive to help stay-at-home mothers sell homemade meals to young professionals and started a non-profit in China to support families who have lost their only child. Mojia also represented China at the G(irls)20 Summit.

On January 10th, as the fourth speaker of the GenEQ Se

14 January 2017
Living UWC Mission, 19 Years and Beyond

Upon the start of a new year, we are launching a new series to share reflections of faculty members of UWC Changshu China. UWC teachers are not only academic tutors but also gardeners of souls. They set personal examples and plant the seeds of UWC values deep in the minds of their students. 

In this article, KokMing Lee, from Malaysia, who is the Head of Mathematics Department, shared his UWC experience

11 January 2017