Earth Month:What Can We Do to Be More Sustainable

Sustainability is a core value of UWC. In UWC Changshu China, sustainability is one of the focal points of our co-curricular education programme. In this issue, we interviewed Emma Raaflaub, an Environmental Systems and Societi

A Glimpse of Kung Fu and Daoism at Wudang Mountains

March 23rd to March 30th was the Project Week for students of the graduating class of UWC Changshu China. They went to different parts of China to engage in various projects that they arranged by themselves focusing on themes such as service, Chinese cultural exploration and fact finding. This forms an important part of UWC education, which embodies the education philosophy of “Learning by doing.” 

A Colour Run in Support of Children with Autism

On March 22, a year after UWC Changshu China’s first annual Color Run in support of a charity fund in Kunming to help children infected with HIV, students of UWC Changshu China organized a second Color Run to raise awareness and understanding of children with autism. This year, more than 400 students, faculty, administrative staff and school leadership members, including Principal

Zhi Xing | “We Play Basketball Game to Become Better People”

At UWC Changshu China, we strive for a sporting culture in which learning from failure as well as success is central. We encourage students to take responsibility for their learning both individually and as teams through sports. We believe sports teach students life lessons and give them the opportunity to create new friendships and overcome challenges, rather than just focusing on wins or losses.


Learning by Doing——UWC Students Excelled in ASDAN Competition

In March 2018, a team of six students of UWC Changshu China who come from six different countries, participated in the two-day ASDAN regional business simulation competition in Shanghai, placing first out of 18 other schools and winning three additional accolades. Their achievement led them to the National Finals in August at Yale’s World Youth Economic Forum on a full scholarship.  Here they won the Be

Interview|A Return to Basics to get Ready for the Future
“Changshu Challenge” From the Eyes of a Zimbabwean Student

On September 1

18 September 2018
Interview | Our Well Known "No Name" Band

Members of Media Group have been planning for an interview with the Band for a long time, but had always found it difficult to get all the four members in one room for a period of time. All the four band members are in the class of 2018, they are going to Yale University, Princeton University, Bowdoin College and Bucknell University respectively in the fall of 2018. We thought it was very likely that &quo

Looking back, looking forward!
After two years of challenging and extremely fun life at UWC Changshu China, some of our graduating students are here to share their reflections of UWC life. Also thanks to Matej Bilik, an in
"I See UWC Model and Its Students as the Best Form of Education"

“I am trying to stimulate leaders of the future to make a difference through the grounding in education that I’m helping to give them. When I started my business career, I took my own history lesson from Princeton: I learned how leaders make a difference, in their countries, in their centuries. So I invested in leaders, and that investment helped me to be successful. I’m looking to invest again i

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