16 Year Old Helping Rural Students' Dream Come True

"The fragrance of the rose lingers on the hand that casts it."

Witnessing the Growth of Mini - UWC

This summer, 60 teenagers aged between 15-18  from different parts of the world participated in the Mini-UWC Summer Program organised by ASAP ( "All Students for Action Program"). 

27 September 2019
Why Did We Launch Our Own Podcasts?

"We hope to build a bridge connecting people all over the world through sharing real stories to promote understanding."

27 September 2019
Why do you want to come here?

“Why do you want to come here?”


That was the first question I was asked during the UWC interview. My answer, summed up in three words, was rather simple: “Because it’s different.”

27 September 2019
Our Summer: Live with Love, Act with Passion

Summer vacation has gone by in the blink of an eye, but the memories of the unforgettable experience will be cherished forever. UWCers are not only dreamers, but also doers. Live with love and act with passion.

My Journey From a Small City to a Bigger World|My UWC Story

I am Sam Ma, a DP2 student currently studying at UWC Changshu China. I come from a small but beautiful coastal city

19 September 2019
A week of Inspiration- UWC-DT Summer Studio 2019

A person that has a marvelous vision but with no skills to take action is a bird without wings. Only with both the tool and the ideol

27 August 2019
You Need to Experience Yourself to Know the Magic of UWC

"UWC experience is unique to everyone."

22 August 2019
Two Years in My New Home ——China

When I think about the two years that I am soon leaving behind

UWC Education Through the Lens of GIF

Kurt Hahn, founder of the UWC movement, sought to bring together young people whose experience was of political conflict in the cold war era. His idea was to create a school where students from diverse backgrounds, often with conflicting national interests, would learn together the ideals of peace and international understanding. After graduation, UWC alumni are expected to “act as champions of peace&rd

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