My Journey From a Small City to a Bigger World|My UWC Story

I am Sam Ma, a DP2 student currently studying at UWC Changshu China. I come from a small but beautiful coastal city

19 September 2019
A week of Inspiration- UWC-DT Summer Studio 2019

A person that has a marvelous vision but with no skills to take action is a bird without wings. Only with both the tool and the ideol

27 August 2019
You Need to Experience Yourself to Know the Magic of UWC

"UWC experience is unique to everyone."

22 August 2019
Two Years in My New Home ——China

When I think about the two years that I am soon leaving behind

UWC Education Through the Lens of GIF

Kurt Hahn, founder of the UWC movement, sought to bring together young people whose experience was of political conflict in the cold war era. His idea was to create a school where students from diverse backgrounds, often with conflicting national interests, would learn together the ideals of peace and international understanding. After graduation, UWC alumni are expected to “act as champions of peace&rd

On the Value of Philosophy

About the author: Mojia Shen was selected to attend United World College - USA for high school.  She then graduated from Wellesley College with a major in Computer Science, minors in Philosophy and Psychology. She also studied at Oxford University. She is now  a Product Manager at Google. 

14 May 2019
What if You Cannot Read?

About the speaker: Lilo is from Amsterdam, Netherlands. She has one quality which has been central to her identity and approach to the world: she is dyslexic. Since birth, she has been part of a study to measure the cause and effects of this neurobiological disorder.  In her talk, she explored how dyslexia has forced people throughout history to think outside of the box and push boundaries to be innovato

Earth Month:What Can We Do to Be More Sustainable

Sustainability is a core value of UWC. In UWC Changshu China, sustainability is one of the focal points of our co-curricular education programme. In this issue, we interviewed Emma Raaflaub, an Environmental Systems and Societi

A Glimpse of Kung Fu and Daoism at Wudang Mountains

March 23rd to March 30th was the Project Week for students of the graduating class of UWC Changshu China. They went to different parts of China to engage in various projects that they arranged by themselves focusing on themes such as service, Chinese cultural exploration and fact finding. This forms an important part of UWC education, which embodies the education philosophy of “Learning by doing.” 

A Colour Run in Support of Children with Autism

On March 22, a year after UWC Changshu China’s first annual Color Run in support of a charity fund in Kunming to help children infected with HIV, students of UWC Changshu China organized a second Color Run to raise awareness and understanding of children with autism. This year, more than 400 students, faculty, administrative staff and school leadership members, including Principal

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