Under the Epidemic, We Witnessed the Power of a United World

Working together and seeing the same smile on the faces of different colors, we are proud to be UWCers.

In this difficult period of time, what should we do?

A letter to community members from Mark Wang, founder and Chair of the Board of UWC Changshu China

17 February 2020
Power of Music, Diversity and Community

16 December 2019

On Oct. 20th, Yushan Academy Centre for Design and Innovation X BreakLine together took UWC and local students on a "safari" to explore global frontier food innovations and technologies within one day of experiential workshop.

12 December 2019
A British teacher moved from the heart | Project Week  

Below is a poem written by Su Yin Chan, an English teacher from UK, who joined the Project Week, to express her gratitude.

Learning to Invent the Future

"Your school should twist your mind. It should flip your world view."

04 December 2019
16 Year Old Helping Rural Students' Dream Come True

"The fragrance of the rose lingers on the hand that casts it."

Witnessing the Growth of Mini - UWC

This summer, 60 teenagers aged between 15-18  from different parts of the world participated in the Mini-UWC Summer Program organised by ASAP ( "All Students for Action Program"). 

27 September 2019
Why Did We Launch Our Own Podcasts?

"We hope to build a bridge connecting people all over the world through sharing real stories to promote understanding."

27 September 2019
Why do you want to come here?

“Why do you want to come here?”


That was the first question I was asked during the UWC interview. My answer, summed up in three words, was rather simple: “Because it’s different.”

27 September 2019
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