September Newsletter for Yushan Academy’s Chinese Programme Center

In September, Yushan Academy’s Chinese Programme Center held exhibition “My Campus, My Home”, featuring over a hundred pieces of artwork by our students, parents, support personnel, board members, and faculty and staff and their children. The artists took to photography, painting, and calligraphy to express their love for our beautiful community. 

12 October 2018

The Changshu Youth Traditional Arts Centre joint meeting was held in the Chinese Programme Centre at Yushan Academy at 10:00 am on 13th September. Vote was held to approve the People’s Government of Guli as a new member of the Changshu Youth Traditional Arts Centre.  The Centre now has 8 members working together to enrich the community life of Changshu. 

On September 14, the Chinese Programme Center invited Professor Peigen Cao of Changshu Institute of Technology to speak about the history and culture unique to Changshu and the past and present of Yushan Academy. Leaders and colleagues from various departments of UWC Changshu China, including the Centre for Design and Technology, the Office of External Affairs and Partnership, the Communications Department and the Chinese Language Departments participated in the event and appreciated the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the local culture and history.


On the afternoon of September 14, Li Ping, Director of the Chinese Programme Center, attended the 2018 Mid-Autumn Art Festival, “Love for Changshu”, and took with her photography works featuring international students from UWC Changshu China at a fashion show wearing self-designed, environmental-friendly clothing.  The unique style, the spirit portrayed and the message conveyed were powerful and compelling to visitors at the Festival. 

The opening ceremony of Yushan Academy was held at UWC Changshu China at 9:00 am on 21st September. Students, teachers, leaders of the Party, Changshu municipal government officials and others came together to celebrate the rebuilding of Yushan Academy, remembering its 412 years of history.  The Academy houses the Chinese Programme Centre and the Centre for Design and Technology.  The Chinese Programme Centre will focus on carrying forward traditional Chinese culture and the spiritual heritage of Changshu among the students and teachers of UWC while promoting the unique, diverse and multi-cultural spirit of UWC Changshu. The Centre For Design and Technology will provide the students courses in 3D printing, computer programming, computer science, industrial design, and fashion design.  Students will gain hands-on experiences using cutting-edge tools and technologies. 

On the afternoon of 21st September, the Chinese Programme Centre conducted two workshops featuring Chinese paper cutting and Chinese watercolor.  The event attracted eager participation from foreign teachers, visiting parents, and locals from the city of Changshu.


With just a pair of scissors and sheets of paper, the participants created a variety of exquisite paper-cuts, Chinese lanterns, beautiful umbrellas and more. Regardless where you come from or how little you know about traditional Chinese culture, you cannot help but be charmed by the ambiance of the surroundings and the beauty of the artwork.

At 7:00 pm on September 24th, the Mid-autumn Festival garden party for UWC Changshu China staff was held in the courtyard of the Chinese Programme Centre.  Everyone enjoyed a wonderful evening making moon cakes, crafting lanterns, guessing riddles, playing games and visiting with each other.  The students and teachers also put on a talent show that brought laughter and fun to all.  The Chinese B class performed a little drama called ‘Houyi shotting down the suns and Chang-e flying to the moon’.  Li Ping, the Director of the Chinese Programme Centre sang ‘The moon represents my heart’ with music teacher Christoph from Germany.  The “seasoned actor”, seven-year-old Wang Yicheng recited a well-known poem ‘The Night of Spring Flowers, River, and Moon’. A group of students from four different countries brought to the audience a set of classical Jiangnan style poems. Everything was just right: the bright and beautiful moon, the shining and peaceful lake, the willows in the gentle evening breeze, and of course, the food, the fun and the laughter of people young and old. 

On the morning of 27th September, Li Ping,  the Director of the Chinese Programme Centre attended the first conference of the Changshu Foreign Cultural Exchange Promotion Association. At the conference, UWC Changshu China was elected to be a member of the council. 

At 10:00 am on 28th September, Li Ping, Director of the Chinese Programme Centre of Yushan Academy, attended the 2018 memorial ceremony in honor and memory of Confucius at the Wen Temple of Changshu.