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Residential Life

At UWC Changshu China, residential life provides a challenging and rewarding learning environment for all students.


We have students from 99 different countries and regions and it is not always easy for the students to live in a community with so many different personalities and cultures, especially if they are away from home for the first time. However, our student's community embrace themselves to this diversity and accept this unique multicultural community. At UWC Changshu China, there exists a strong bonding between students and staff members which makes residential life for students an enjoyable experience.


UWC Changshu China has 10 "houses" each under the direct supervision of a residential "House Mentor". They provide both social and emotional support to all students and act as  "in loco parentis" (local parents). Our residential staff work with students to build community through group discussions, activities, and workshops. Along with House Mentors, we also have crew leaders who provide more personalized support for students. "Crew dinners" and "crew outings" are something that everyone look forward to.


UWC Changshu China encourages the creation of a respectful community that embodies tolerance and exploration of cultures, beliefs, faiths. We thrive to achieve these values by inculcating the UWC mission and vision in our hearts.

UWC aims to provide a healthy lifestyle and a well-rounded education to each student. In order to provide for these opportunities for each student, UWC Changshu China offers a variety of facilities so that students can pursue a diverse range of interests.


The residential dormitories for students offer a comfortable space to interact with diverse cultures by having an open layout in each room. Each room has space for activities while also offering a desk for each student for their education. In addition to this group space in each room students are provided with a bed that offers a private space. Beds and desks have lamps provided.


Each floor offers a full range of facilities for students, including a kitchenette, a laundry room, cleaning supplies, a refrigerator, washrooms, and a common room. The common room is the space for students from the floor to congregate, socialize, and study. The common rooms have couches, a television, tables and an inviting atmosphere.

  • School Swimming Pool
  • indoor basketball court
  • dance room
  • outdoor sports ground

While the residential living areas provide students with living needs. UWC Changshu China also offers a wide variety of other facilities to care for students'physical and mental health. The sports complex offers four floors of state of the art facilities to cater to every students physical interests. The bottom floor houses 25*15 meters swimming pool, while the second floor provides access to a cardio-room and a complete weight room that is equipped for circuit training, boxing and weight-lifting. The second floor also has a complete dance studio with a modern sound system. These facilities are complimented by the third floor multi-functional gymnasium and two dedicated rooms to table tennis. Finally the fourth floor offers an indoor track for students who prefer running indoors. Directly adjacent to the sports facility are an outdoor tennis court/basketball court, turf football pitch, and sand volleyball court. An outdoor track encircles the football pitch.

  • School Canteen

To ensure that students have healthy diet, the campus offers a full-service Canteen with three meals a day and two snacks provided. The Canteen offers a mix of Chinese and Western food as well as vegetarian meal.  Inside the canteen, there is a coffee shop where other snacks and confectionaries are available for purchase.

  • School Library

In order to help our students maintain a balanced lifestyle, UWC Changshu China also offers a full service library. The two floor library is built around an impressive amphitheater which offers a beautiful view of the Changshu Skyline.  On the upper levels of the amphitheater, the books are organized with desks available for study. Flanking the amphitheater are two conference rooms, one a mini-amphitheater and the other a traditional conference room to provide students with different spaces to work. Around the outside of the second floor of the library are fully supplied breakout rooms for students to study and work on group presentations. The library is an impressive, inviting, and open place for our students to learn.


In addition to these facilities the school also boasts a state theatre which seats over 600 people. Adjacent to the theatre is a black box for other theatre productions while an additional more intimate theater is featured directly below. Lining the edges of the theatre on two floors are practice rooms that feature pianos and other instruments for rent. The practice rooms have space for other instruments in the event of larger practice groups.


The Health and Wellness Programme at UWC Changshu China provides an opportunity for students to make a better stay through educational and cultural activities, peer counselling and community living. Health and Wellness programme is a combination of personal problem-solving, diet and nutrition, stress management, education about potentially disastrous habits such as smoking, alcohol, and drugs and understanding and maintaining healthy relationships.

Medical services are provided on campus by two registered nurses. Routine medical care and treatment will be given at our medical centre under the supervision of these nurses. The nurses will be taking students with health issues to hospital in Changshu for further treatment. Students are expected to complete major dental and eye care before arrival at college, but the school will assist with making appointments locally when needed. The College has basic medical insurance for every student which covers up to an in hospitalisation and medical expenses sufficient in China. The college insurance policies DO NOT cover students’ personal possessions and items of particular value must be insured privately. If you already have an international medical insurance, please ensure that the insurance provider is aware that you will be studying in China for two years.

Note: Students are advised to share complete medical history during the time of college admission and expected to carry medicines that are prescribed by your family doctor. 

Two full time on campus counsellors are available to students. Students are free to contact them at any point of time. They will be available for a range of needs from time management, stress, cross-cultural understanding, and helping students to manage their relationships, guiding students when they are in a state of despondency, extreme apprehension and family problems. The counsellors are experienced in working with multicultural adolescents and a variety of mental health issues. The college ensure to provide support and medication through a psychiatrist if necessary.


The college has an informal group (Peer Support Group) of trained second year students who works under the guidance of counsellors. This platform provides an opportunity for students with another approachable body of people to speak to, other than the counsellors, crew leaders and friends. Peer Support Group members live in each block and come from a diverse background. Members of PSG can be trusted to maintain certain level of confidentiality, anything requiring immediate attention will be communicated to the counsellors.

Students are expected and encouraged to regularly participate in Zhi Xing (CAS Activity) as required by the IB. Students are advised to bring their sporting equipment at the time of arrival.