30 November 2018

How did Bruce Au, a UWC Hong Kong alumnus, transform from a kid who thought all white people spoke English to a graduate of MIT and Harvard University, then make a turn from Wall Street to education and philanthropic work in Hong Kong? He said, “In education, a return to the basics is perhaps needed to get ready for the future.” Would you agree? During the interview, Bruce shared the impact of his UWC experience on his studies, career and life.

18 September 2018

On September 1st, 570 students from over 100 countries and regions at UWC Changshu China and their advisors took part in the "Changshu Challenge", one of the activities during Orientation. It is designed to help members of the community get to know Changshu, their home away from home, and also get to know each other better outside the classrooms and campus.  Following clues and instructions, students and teachers, with limited budget, explored Fangta Garden, InCity, Xingfu Temple and the Changshu Library and Museum.  It was a day of fun, bonding and meaningful discoveries.  Anesu from Zimbabwe shared her reflection on the “Chanllenge”.

05 June 2018

Members of Media Group have been planning for an interview with the Band for a long time, but had always found it difficult to get all the four members in one room for a period of time. All the four band members are in the class of 2018, they are going to Yale University, Princeton University, Bowdoin College and Bucknell University respectively in the fall of 2018. We thought it was very likely that "One World Concert" was the last time that "No Name" band performed at UWC Changshu China before their graduation, so we finally pinned them down and did the interview right after the Concert. We are pleased to bring you the good news that they have plan to come back to UWC Changshu China in future and perform to the community.

12 June 2017
After two years of challenging and extremely fun life at UWC Changshu China, some of our graduating students are here to share their reflections of UWC life. Also thanks to Matej Bilik, an intern at UWC,who comes from Slovakia, for capturing the wonderful moments of UWC life in his UWC Changshu China Lipdub 2017.     
12 June 2017

“I am trying to stimulate leaders of the future to make a difference through the grounding in education that I’m helping to give them. When I started my business career, I took my own history lesson from Princeton: I learned how leaders make a difference, in their countries, in their centuries. So I invested in leaders, and that investment helped me to be successful. I’m looking to invest again in leaders of the future.”


Shelby M.C. Davis

Co-founder and Philanthropist


Recently, Forbes published an article entitled:” Beloved by Entrepreneurs A School That Could be An Anachronism Thrives” in which a special credit was given to Shelby Davis and Davis United World College Scholars Program.  We are so grateful to his all along support to UWC Changshu China and UWC as a whole.  


Here below you may find out why Shelby is so committed to supporting UWC.