Video: UWC Changshu China Chinese Cultural Evening

Date & Time: 7pm, 23rd Jan 2017,GMT 8

16 January 2017
EA/ED Results of UWC Changshu China's First Graduating Class

In the Early Action and Early Decision rounds the first graduating class of IBDP students at UWC Changshu China received a number of acceptances from outstanding U.S. 

15 December 2016
Host Families at UWC Changshu China

Each UWC makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. 

09 December 2016
UWC day 2016

UWCCSC celebrates UWC and World Peace day

21 September 2016
Harvard Professor Speaking at UWC Changshu’s Global Issues Forum on Public Health Issue

On Friday, August 26th ,2016,UWC Changshu China welcomed Professor Liang Liming to our first Global Issues Forum as we started our new academic year. ​

26 August 2016
Former Vice Minister of International Department of CPC Ping Ai visited UWC Changshu China

At the invitation of the Changshu New & Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone and UWC Changshu China, former Vice Minister of the International Department of Central Committee of CPC visited Changshu and UWC Changshu China at the end of July.

01 August 2016
UWC Changshu China holding the First Charity Auction in Shanghai

UWC Changshu China holding the First Charity Auction in Shanghai

26 April 2016
Harvard University leaders meet students at United World College Changshu China

On December 12, 2015, senior leaders from Harvard University met with students at UWC Changshu China just one month after the school’s grand opening. 

12 December 2015
HM Queen Noor of Jordan celebrates United World College opening in Changshu

CHANGSHU, Suzhou— HM Queen Noor of Jordan and over 500 guests from across China and the world met in Changshu to celebrate the opening of United World College Changshu China. Suzhou and Changshu government leaders, UWC international leadership and alumni, diplomats, academics, and business

07 November 2015