Interview| Pelham Lindfield Roberts: Converting Idealism into Action

The vision of UWC in the future is converting this idealism into action.

21 March 2018
Resounding Success of Chinese Cultural Evening 2018

On 9th Feb., UWC Changshu China’s 2018 Chinese Cultural Evening (CCE) wound up with a resounding success. Honoured guests from Changshu Government and from all circles, alumni from different UWCs enjoyed the fabulous performances together with fellow students, faculties and staff of UWC Cha

27 February 2018
Livestream of Chinese Cultural Evening 2018

09 February 2018
Night of Jingles, Joy and Love

It was a night full of jingles, joy and love where the entire community got together t

20 December 2017
GIF|Be Prepared to Face New Challenges from AI

Innovations are happening at a surprising rate nowadays, so be prepared to face new challenges, and at the same time, learn to take advantage of whatever technological development might bring. A bright future lies ahead.

14 December 2017

UWC Changshu China is pleased to announce that Pelham Lindfield Roberts will become the college’s second Principal following Robert Clarence’s retirement in August 2018. 

12 December 2017
The 5th International School Chinese Language Education Conference and Workshop held in UWC Changshu China

From 1st-2rd December, 2017, the 5th International School Chinese Language Education Conference and Workshop (Hereafter “The Conference”), under the theme “Transcending Diversity through Multimodality of Teaching and Learning” was successfully held at the campus

05 December 2017
UWC Changshu China Students Won Awards in “Foreigners Got Talent Show”

To us as a UWC school the beauty is not just for foreigners trying to learn something Chinese, it is the unity of all cultures and the fact that they work together and respect each other which is the main point of our mission.

24 November 2017
Congratulations to Jichen Zhang on winning the First Prize of “The 17th Awarding Program for Future Scientists”
On Nov. 7th, the award ceremony of “The 17th Awarding Program for Future Scientists” was held in Peking University, Beijing, China. Jichen Zhang, our DP1 student, received the First-Prize with his research project on astrophysics. 
13 November 2017
GIF| Prof. Federico Speaks on Tackling Global Energy Issues

On Oct.19th, 

27 October 2017