Needs-based Scholarships

At UWC schools and colleges, students come from a deliberately diverse range of backgrounds (socio-economic, culture, race, religion, nationality) and experiences. We especially welcome and encourage students from disadvantaged backgrounds to apply to the UWC movement. We are continually working towards providing up to 100% needs-based scholarship coverage for all selected students.

Students are selected on the basis of demonstrated merit and potential, irrespective of their family financial background.

Once selected, students in the Regular Admission stream are eligible to apply for UWC needs-based scholarships. Please note that students selected through the Early Admission stream are not eligible to apply for UWC needs-based scholarships.

If students need scholarship support for their two to three years in UWC, they should state this need upfront during their initial application for needs-based scholarship. FP students should not plan to apply for additional or higher scholarship provisions in their DP 1 and 2 years.