Important Notice

Due to postponement of the reopening of the School, UWC Changshu China will start distance learning on 10th February.

08 February 2020

We repeat our thanks for the tremendous support we have received, from students, staff,  parents and NCs alike.  To date, no one in the UWC Changshu community has fallen ill with the novel coronavirus and all students should now be settled in a place from which they can work.  We will continue to monitor closely the development of the situation and ensure all our community members will take necessary precautionary measures to keep safe.


As the situation surrounding the novel coronavirus outbreak continues to evolve and  according to the latest notice issued by the authority of Changshu government which stipulates that Schools should not re-open before the end of February, whilst a range of scenarios is being considered, UWC Changshu China has decided to plan for a phased return of students, commencing on 7th/8th March, with priority being given to the return of faculty and DP2 students.  The School has established a "Return Committee" to coordinate the safe and viable return of our students and staff. The Executive Committee of the Board will meet during the week 23rd - 27th February to approve the proposals of the Return Committee. No travel booking should be made until these plans have been approved.  


In the meantime, a survey has been sent to students asking about learning resources and internet capacity and teachers have received a compendium with guidance on managing distance learning which will start on 10th Feb.  2020 and continue initially for four weeks. Details, including guidance to parents and guardians, is being finalised and will soon be distributed.  


We are in communication with the IB and making contingency plans to ensure that the interests of our students are safeguarded, even in the worst case scenarios. For our students,please follow the advice given below: 


Manage this situation to the best of your ability, seek support from your family and friends,  use your time effectively. Remain healthy; mentally, physically, in your humanity or in your spiritual life. Create your own routine each day, thinking through when you best work, sleep, eat, exercise, socialise and recreate.  Seek support from others to help you remain focussed and disciplined. Be mindful about your relationships with others; your family, your friends, your  community. Take time to contribute to their needs, helping where you can. As a member of the UWC Changshu learning community be conscious that other members of your community will depend on you as you will depend on them. Do your best to contribute collaboratively, meeting your obligations and deadlines and communicating openly if you are not able to do so.  


We thank you for your understanding and support during these challenging times and remain, of course, available for any questions or concerns you have. 


UWC Changshu China