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Foundation Programme

UWC Changshu Foundation  Programme offers a rigorous and challenging curriculum that develops knowledge, skills and competencies necessary for UWC students to thrive in further academic study and to lead amidst the complexity presented by the 21st Century workplace.


The Programme builds upon students’ prior knowledge while cultivating key transferrable skills, from design thinking to research and collaboration, in order for them to succeed in the IB Diploma Programme. Students study a wide range of subjects, including Chinese, English, Mathematics; electives in Humanities, Science, Modern Languages and Art, as well as Critical Thinking, 'Peace and Sustainable Future' course and the Passion Project.   


In each subject, learning is grounded in real-life local and global contexts, with a concept-focused, inquiry-based pedagogical approach to enhance student learning.


The core features of the curriculum consist of:

Foundation Programme for UWC Changshu China

At UWC Changshu Chin, students joining in Grade 10 undertake the one-year Foundtion Programme (FP).