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Application Fees

The application fee is 500 CNY. Students who are selected to participate in the selection day activities will be charged 750 CNY.

Students who are unable to pay the application fees because of their family financial situation are encouraged to contact the JSC for a fee waiver. Please email us at, and we will explain the procedures for applying for financial aid and the supporting documents that we will need.


School Fees

For the 2020-2021 academic year, the fees for the 18 UWC schools and colleges range from 150,000 CNY to 450,000 CNY.  

UWC Changshu China’s total fee will be 360,000 CNY approximately when including fees for all our academic, co-curricular and residential programmes, all of which are complementary and essential part of the UWC educational experience.



Payment Terms

All Fees should be paid in RMB. Click Link to open the payment page. Please select ‘Application Fee’ or’ Selection Day Fee’ as needed and fill in the rest information. All commission charges should be borne by the payer. Please keep the screenshot as your proof of payment after completing the transaction.