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Chinese Programme

Dear friends,

On behalf of all teachers of the Chinese Language and Culture Programme, I would like to extend our warmest welcome to all students who wish to pursue their dreams with a better understanding and appreciation of the unique values of UWC. I hope, by working together, we will become a beautiful, healthy, and upright tree in the land of China in the forest of nations.


As a member of the UWC community, we strive to push forward the UWC movement for a more peaceful and sustainable future of world we live in. We work together with our Chinese and overseas students and help them become young envoys of Chinese culture and proficient users of Mandarin.


Yours Faithfully

Li Ping, Vice Principal (Chinese Programme), UWC Changshu China

As the one and only UWC in the mainland of China, the college's language policy stipulates that every student will take at least one Chinese course, be it language, literature, or culture. This policy aims to create an immersion environment of Mandarin Chinese as well as a rich Chinese cultural context to support teaching and learning.

Teachers of Chinese Department are certified teachers, examiners, and workshop leaders of the International Diploma Programme. We offer different levels of Chinese language, literature, and cultural studies in Group 1, Group 2, and Group 3 of IBDP to meet the diverse needs of our student body. 

  • Chinese A Literature (High and standard levels)
  • Chinese A Language and Literature (High and standard levels)
  • Chinese B Language (High and standard levels)
  • Chinese ab initio

A newly developed school-based-subject Chinese Studies is taught in English to the Pre-DP cohort. The course covers the basics of Chinese politics, economy, geography, philosophy, traditional culture, and customs through the lenses of Chinese and Western academic research and mass media. Development of IB learner profile and learning skills of students in a concept-based learning framework under a local and international context and enhance their knowledge and understandings of Chinese culture and Chinese society. Besides, students can learn Chinese, either formally in the classroom or as an extra curriculum activity or from the extraordinary richness of Chinese culture.

  • Lion Dance

The first Chinese Cultural Evening held before the Spring Festival of 2016 led by the Chinese department was a great success. Students and teachers from over 20 countries presented a two-hour show full of strong Chinese traditional flavor to several hundreds of audience. The performance drew a lot of positive comments such as the one by a prominent person in the education sector, “it is so impressive to see that the task of promoting Chinese traditional culture, which we have not done so well, has been carried out brilliantly by such a newly founded and very international college of UWC.”

Changshu Youth Center for Chinese Traditional Arts and Culture, jointly established by the Chinese Department of UWC Changshu China, Changshu Institute of Technology, and Changshu Meili Town Government plans to host a plethora of activities including lion and dragon dance, dragon boat, martial arts, calligraphy, paper cutting, seal cutting, lantern making and so on. We hope this platform will help overseas students gain a better understanding of the Chinese traditions, and to help Chinese students truly master the essence of Chinese heritage.

To foster a strong and seamless integration of UWC Changshu China community and the wider local communities, we actively participate in and facilitate various cultural activities organized by the local communities. Activities include organizing and participating in speech and singing contests organized by Changshu Institute of Technology, cultural performances organized by the New and Hi-tech Development Zone of Changshu, and co-hosting Children’s Day performance with Xinfu Buddhist Temple and Jiayue Autism Center. Within several months, UWC Changshu China has become an important member of the community.