Big Day

A Journey of Cultural Fantasy——2019 Chinese Cultural Evening

“When the spring flourishes, within the blossom, she smiles.” This is a stanza delivered vividly by Ms. Ping LI, Vice Principal, Director of the Chinese Programme, together with a few Chinese teachers and their young children at Chinese Cultural Evening (CCE) 2017. As we are bidd

23 January 2019
King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway Visit UWC Changshu China

22 October 2018
The 5th International School Chinese Language Education Conference and Workshop held in UWC Changshu China

From 1st-2rd December, 2017, the 5th International School Chinese Language Education Conference and Workshop (Hereafter “The Conference”), under the theme “Transcending Diversity through Multimodality of Teaching and Learning” was successfully held at the campus

07 December 2017
UWC Changshu China Holds Its Third Opening Ceremony

On 5th September 2017, over 560 students and more than 100 faculty, staff as well as guests of honour from almost 100 countries and regions around the world gathered together to celebrate UWC Changshu China’s 3rd Opening Ceremony to welcome the new and exciting school year ahead.

07 September 2017
HM Queen Noor of Jordan celebrates United World College opening in Changshu

CHANGSHU, Suzhou— HM Queen Noor of Jordan and over 500 guests from across China and the world met in Changshu to celebrate the opening of United World College Changshu China. Suzhou and Changshu government leaders, UWC international leadership and alumni, diplomats, academics, and business

11 November 2016