Shirla Nga Wan Sum
17 May 2019

Kurt Hahn, founder of the UWC movement, sought to bring together young people whose experience was of political conflict in the cold war era. His idea was to create a school where students from diverse backgrounds, often with conflicting national interests, would learn together the ideals of peace and international understanding. After graduation, UWC alumni are expected to “act as champions of peace” and advocate a social order built upon peace and justice in the world.  

29 November 2017

In this fourth issue of faculty sharing from members of UWC Changshu China, Shirla Nga Wan Sum, a graduate of Pearson College UWC in Canada, now the Head of Individuals and Societies (previously Humanities), recalls her experience as a UWC student and looks forward to a promising future of the UWC movement from a teacher's perspective. Prior to becoming a teacher, Shirla spent five years at Goldman Sachs in New York and Hong Kong conducting macroeconomics research, covering the US and Asia-Pacific economies. She has a double major in Economics and Philosophy from Wellesley College in the U.S., Masters of Education (MEd) in Curriculum Studies and is currently working towards a PhD in Policy, Administration and Social Sciences Education at the University of Hong Kong.