Pelham Lindfield Roberts
11 January 2019

Dear UWC Community,


As we enter 2019 and move towards the Chinese Spring Festival and the Year of the Pig, I would like to send you my best wishes and invite you to read this personal perspective on UWC in China. For many of you in the UWC movement, outside our own college community, UWC Changshu may still be something of an enigma, so I want to share my first impressions and personal experience of what matters at UWC Changshu China and identify the important role UWC has to play. 

27 September 2018

UWC Heads were asked to volunteer an "opinion piece" around what it means, from a Heads perspective, to "Inspire Change!" I jumped into the ring having just arrived in China at UWC Changshu where on UWC Day, the 21st September we will open the Yushan Academy. The Yushan Academy seeks to connect our students with the past through the Centre for Chinese Language and Culture and seeks to inspire change for the future through the Centre for Design and Innovation. 

06 September 2018

I hope that your visit to our website will capture your imagination, give you an insight into this amazing place and stimulate your desire to become involved. Nothing can compare to a visit to a UWC and none more so than a visit to UWC Changshu China!